16 Marines Got Arrested For Human Trafficking While In Formation At Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton

We covered this story completely back in July but recently, the Marine Corps released video and it's just as glorious as we'd imagined back then. I would have LOVED being in this formation. You want to say something to the buddy to your left and your right but you cant because you are in formation and you know the higher-ups are already on high alert. But once that formation is over, you'd sprint to the Smoke Pit to talk to your pals. 

"Did you see LCpl Jones? THAT DUMB BITCH! I knew that fucking boot was up to something. God, what a bunch of morons. And Sgt Smith? HA HA! I guess he wont be checking my room to make sure it's clean. Maybe I'll go check his rack in the fucking brig. I cant wait until he gets busted down and has to stand at parade rest for me. 'That'll be aye, LCpl.' HA HA!"

If you wanna hear more about this situation, we talked about it at the top of the show below. Everything we thought was true. Incredible. 

We also give you the updates here. 

You'll be glad to see, based on the picture, that even in the Marine Corps, ball is life.