Charlotte Hornets Fans Absolutely Nailed Kemba Walker's Return

Now that the game is over and the Celtics are basically the best team in the NBA (not a lie, look it up), I want to touch on this quickly before I spend the rest of my night getting hammered on Celtics Kool Aid and pleasuring myself to Gordon Hayward highlights. Good on Hornets fans for absolutely crushing Kemba's return. Even though you pretty much assumed this would be the reaction, you never know if there are going to be a few jackasses who boo just to try and be different. Well not a single person in that arena even dared attempt such a heinous act which was awesome to see. I wrote earlier today about how weird these moments are for fans when one of the best players in franchise history (or in this case THE best player in franchise history) comes back for the first time 

it's just a weird experience. To see Hornets fans react with such class goes to show the love they have for Kemba is beyond genuine. They could have been bitter he didn't just take less to stay in a small market and instead went to the big bad Celtics. Not every fanbase is this understanding, just look at Utah's reaction to Hayward or the Spurs fans reaction to Kawhi. Those situations aren't exactly identical to Kemba's but you get the idea. They had every right to be mad and boo if they wanted to, and instead they chose to show their love and appreciation. I think that's pretty cool. You could tell it was even a weird/emotional night for Kemba

and eventually he shook his nerves and was the same Kemba these fans remembered watching all those years

So good on you Hornets fans. Well done. And don't worry, Terry Rozier won't always shoot 1-11, he'll give you some positive moments too.