Doc Rivers Forgot He Was Supposed To Lie About Kawhi's Injury And It Cost The Clippers $50,000

Whoops! Classic mixup here. On one hand, the Clippers want to rest Kawhi as much as possible and could give two shits about national TV games no matter when they happen. They are playing for June and everyone knows it. If that means Kawhi sits out then that's what's going to happen. The whole thing confuses me how it's reported the games are selected in advance and yet suddenly it just so happens that's when the player is "hurt" but whatever. It felt like everyone on the Clippers knew the deal, minus Doc Rivers.

According to Doc, Kawhi has never felt better! Knee injury? What knee injury? Oh right that one that we said he had so we could not get in trouble with the league for clearly going against their load management rules. I wonder how old those medical records are too if that's what the league uses to determine if it's OK for Kawhi to sit. Probably some old SA X-rays or something. The best part about this though is do you think Doc/Steve Ballmer give a shit about a $50,000 fine? No chance. Just like they didn't give a shit when Doc got popped for 100% tampering with Kawhi in an effort to land him. Guess what it worked. So if you think a measly 50K fine is going to stop the Clippers from doing whatever they want to ensure Kawhi is healthy come the playoffs you are out of your mind.

If wouldn't shock me if Ballmer has a special reserve strictly for these type of fine. The man is worth a bajillion dollars something tells me he's going to write that check with a big ol smile on his face. How bout that spinzone in that last tweet from Woj. Doc was just trying to be supportive of Kawhi? Look the whole world knows he's most likely not hurt and Doc got caught telling the truth. It happens.

Remember when the league said they didn't think load management was going to be an issue this year? How's that going 3 weeks into the season.