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"I Am So Lucky To Have Joel Quenneville As A Coach"--Not A Blackhawks Player

Well I’ll be god damned. I love Joel. I am glad he’s doing well. I am glad he’s appreciated. At the same time it is an absolute KICK IN THE BALLS. A STARK contrast. The ship in Chicago is absolutely burning. The Blackhawks games look a full on mutiny at this point with the amount of apathy they execute his strategies. He’s benching guys and promptly throwing them under the bus. He’s squabling with the man who runs the locker room and has since Colliton was a healthy scratch for the Bridgeport Sound Tigers.

This is just the toughest pill to swallow. It feels like there is no end in sight because nobody knows what McDonough is thinking. It’s weird how he hasn’t done a sit down interview this year as Rome is burning. Is Colliton safe? Is Stan Safe? Does he have regrets? Nobody knows. John McDonough nowhere to be found as the plan is falling apart right before his eyes. Unbelievable.