Parenting 101: Mother in China Almost Dies From a Heart Attack Because Her Idiot Son Couldn't Get a 3rd Grade Math Problem Right


A mother in China almost lost her life after suffering a heart attack while repeatedly explaining a math problem to her son who could not grasp it.

The woman, identified as Wang, was helping her son in the third grade with his homework last Friday, Nov. 1, as per Sin Chew Daily via AsiaOne today, Nov. 7. The 36-year-old mother began getting frustrated when her son could not answer the problem correctly despite multiple explanations from her.

Following the incident, Wang admitted that she would usually get frustrated with her son while helping him with his homework. According to the report, she never expected her exasperation to have “such serious consequences.”

Every parent has their own strategies for making their kid excel in school. Some take away the kid's phone, their laptop, no playing outside, or they take away video games for a period of time. Others put forward a more aggressive approach such as this mother in China. 

I don't hate the "have a heart attack" strategy to pressure your kid into doing his/her homework and getting the answers right. The ole "do you want to kill your mother?" threat seems to always work 100 out of 100 times. Nothing will get me to hammer home my 8x multiplication tables (8s always gave me fits) like the impending death of my mom. Is it drastic? For sure, but it's effective. It's like a team rallying behind their favorite coach who upper management is thinking of firing if they don't succeed. Maybe it's on a different scale, but the same concept is there. I'd be shocked if this little guy isn't on honor roll by the end of the year. Lock city. 

God bless my mom because if she couldn't handle me getting 8x7 wrong in the 3rd grade then I'd simply be parentless right now. The amount of homework and projects my mom helped me with through 7th grade was simply unfathomable. I probably took years off of her life by making her stay up with me on projects I saved for the absolute last second. Shout out Mamma Hubbs. Sorry!