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"Damn. William Nylander Just Stole My Girl Again" - Everyone

Goodness gracious, Bill. Save some for the rest of us. 

Will Ny The Wrist Shot Guy has been putting on an absolute clinic off the ice so far this year. On the ice he's doing alright (4G, 11pts) but off the ice this man is as elite as they come. I mean just take a good, long gander at this fit. It's magnificent. This is a look that screams "Future Rocket Richard Winner". The throwback jacket. Letting the chest breath. The Sugo hat to perfectly compliment just how saucy this man's mitts are. What an all-time legend this kid is shaping up to be. 

Between the style and the sweater number change to 88, it's only a matter of time before Billy Nylander finally snaps and takes over the league. All we can do is just hope and pray that it happens after he gets traded out of Toronto. Lord knows they don't deserve him up there.