Awesome Video Of Mike Tyson Showing A 6'4" Francis Ngannou How To Hit To The Body

Source – Here’s Mike Tyson giving a few pointers to UFC superstar Francis Ngannou on how to fight Tyson Fury and the video is awesome!

Fury has been teasing a move over to MMA — he’s apparently dead serious — and he even called out Ngannou as a potential opponent.

So, when Ngannou met up with Mike Tyson to appear on his ‘Hotboxin’ podcast recently — Mike decided to run the heavyweight fighter through a few moves to help him out.

Love it. Give me these videos every day from now until the day I die. It doesn’t matter if he’s fifty-three or twenty-three, any time Tyson starts moving around he has my undivided attention. Because make no mistake about it Mike Tyson is still Mike Tyson. He may seem like a new man but he’s not. He’s still the same old psychopath he’s always been and once he gets in the ring that psychopath starts to come out. A few months back he went on Rogan talked about how training “activates his ego” which is the reason he doesn’t work out anymore. Here’s the clip:

Hopefully that’s what’s happening here because I’d love to see him get more involved with some of these younger fighters. Especially if it means time on camera. You can only race pigeons so long before you get bored.

According to Dana White, it’s possible Fury could step in the Octagon…whether or not he fights Ngannou remains to be seen. All I know is that I hope Tyson stays involved because I’d love to see him in a press conference situation.

So good. There will never be another Mike.