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A Movie Is Planning On Using A CGI James Dean And People Are NOT Happy About It

(Deadline) "Magic City Films said Wednesday that it has secured rights from the family of Oscar-nominated actor James Dean to use a CGI version of the actor to play a role in its upcoming Vietnam War action drama Finding Jack. Pre-production starts later this month."

Here is what twitter had to say:

I'll say this: when I die, feel free to use my likeness in anything you want. Movies, TV shows, Russian viagra ads. Anything you want. 

That said, the reason EYE feel that way about my likeness is that I am a 2-bit podcaster. I think if I was a prolific actor like James Dean, I might feel different. It's sorta gross to think that this can happen to actors/actresses without their ability to say no. However, I think there is 2 sides to this coin. Lost in everyone screaming at the studio and the movie about this is how the actual family of James Dean, who sold his rights, feel about this. If Dean was my grandpa and a movie studio offered me a bunch of cold hard cash to use his likeness, you could bet your sweet ass that I would say yes. PEOPLE NEED MONEY! I think that if you find this gross, just don't watch the movie. Don't fuck with the Dean family's bag by forcing them to return the rights to avoid outrage.