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I Had A Cheeseburger And French Fries For Lunch...Caroline Wozniacki Did Not

Holy moly Caroline Wozniacki, save some abs for the rest of us. God damn. This picture couldn’t be more opposite of how my day has been going. I started the week with the mindset “this is it, this is the week I stop eating carbs, I get back to the gym, and get myself into shape”. With all the late nights spent streaming the playoffs and World Series at the office, my diet and exercise routine was reduced to how many chicken fingers I could stuff into my mouth per minute. So I decided to have a healthy month of November…until today when I was feeling blue, ate some free donuts in the morning, and then had a cheeseburger and french fries for lunch.

I’ll tell you what though, after eating it, I didn’t feel better about myself. Sure the donuts were delicious and I thoroughly enjoyed the cheeseburger and the fries, but I broke the promise to myself that I’d be healthy, so now I’m feeling a bit guilty. It was easy, too easy, to eat junk when I didn’t want to. Gotta be better than that. I mean do you think Caroline Wozniacki looks like THAT by being a sad piece of shit like me? Fuck no.

Diet starts tomorrow.