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Performance Artist Reenacts Famous Painting Of A Woman's Vagina By Busting It Open Right There In The Gallery

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 11.20.01 AM

Huffington Post- If you’ve ever gazed into the beautiful void that is Gustav Courbet’s “The Origin of the World,” you’re probably familiar with just how provocative (and NSFW) the painting is. As the title cleverly references, it is a portrait of the female genitalia, through which all human beings enter into life. Combining the romance of realism and the lustful voyeurism of erotic art, it’s, well, heavy stuff. So, you can only imagine what would happen if someone — let’s say, a daring performance artist — attempted to reenact the racy anatomic still life from 1866… in front of an audience of museum patrons assembled at Paris’ Musée d’Orsay to see Courbet’s masterpiece face-to-face.

ART!  ART!  ART!  Now this is the type of fancy dancy type of art shit I can get behind.  I’m sick of “artists” cutting off limbs and mutilating themselves in front of crowds and calling it art.  Nobody wants to see that and you’re just being an asshole with shock value.  But this right here, a woman flashing her pussy all over the place, this is art.  Taking a famous picture of a vagina and deciding to bust it open right there in the gallery for everybody to see.  Now that’s art.  You saw how the people there reacted.  They were applauding and shit.  They loved it and wanted more.  That’s the type of reaction you want when you’re an artist.  Not people passing out and throwing up because you just cut out multiple ribs and started blowing yourself on the gallery floor.  And who said strip clubs aren’t cultured?  Who says Chastity and Crystal at your local gentlemen’s club aren’t the great artists of our time?  Next time your wife or girlfriend complains about you going and shoving George Washington’s in Dallas’s g-string for the third time this week just tell her you’re going to an art gallery.  Boom, problem solved.  Did being a stripper just become the most high brow profession out there?  I think it did.

Click here for the video and it’s totes NSFW so know that going in.