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Tom Hallion's Strike 3 Call Is All The Rage Right Now



Everytime Tom Hallion rang somebody up last night I got 100 tweets about it.    Everybody saying he has the best punch out in the business.  At first I kind of thought it was too showboaty.  Like somebody put some mustard on that hotodg.  But it grew on me during the course of the game.  Just turning and pivoting every time.   It takes some serious dedication to the craft to do that for a 162 game season.   No days off with that strike 3 call.  Therefore I’ll give it an 8.   It does raise the question though of who has the best strike 3 calls with Barstool so far.  Here is my order.  Not really debatable but I’m sure people will debate it anyways.


#1 JVR

#2 El Pres

#3 Big Cat

#4 Mcshay