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Your First College Football Playoff Rankings

Alright. It's happened. Let's dissect. 

LSU should be #1. They've beaten #10 Florida and #11 Auburn. Ohio State's best win? #13 Wisconsin. That's their only top 25 win with the current rankings.

I'm also confused why Alabama is above Penn State. Penn State has a win over #14 Michigan and #18 Iowa. Is it just because of their name? I think they are the second-best team in the country, but with their current resume, I don't see the reason for them being #3. That doesn't matter if they beat LSU this weekend. 

I can see why Alabama is above Clemson, but I don't 100% agree with it. They both don't have a top-25 win. I guess you downgrade Clemson that much because of their close win against North Carolina? They've still won their games by a combined 28.5 points. Clemson is very far from a bad football team. 

People will be mad about Georgia's positioning. I like it. That win over #10 Florida propelled them over Oregon and Utah. Plus you have to add in #15 Notre Dame.

Oklahoma looks to be in a bad spot. #9 behind Oregon and Utah? If both those teams go into a PAC-12 championship game, how would Oklahoma hop over them? They'll have to curb stomp Baylor, Iowa State, Oklahoma State and whoever they play in the Big 12 championship. 

Should Oklahoma be behind Oregon & Utah? I guess? Oklahoma lost to Kansas State, who is #16 in this poll. Oregon lost to #11 Auburn. However, Utah lost to USC. What has Utah done that Oklahoma hasn't? Beaten 5-4 Washington? I'd say Texas is a better win. 

What happens to Baylor if they run the table? They can't be feeling too good about their positioning. Gotta hope that Kansas State stays hot and that 31-12 road win will continue to look better and better. 

Here is the full top 25:

Boise State being ahead of SMU is a joke. Boise State has lost to BYU and beaten FSU. SMU  has a win against TCU on the road and played a competitive game with #21 Memphis. 

Stop ranking teams based on their names!!!!