The No. 1 Recruit In The Country Just Hijacked Opening Night To Announce He's Going To ..... Oklahoma State

How about this move from Cade Cunningham? The guy is the No. 1 or No. 2 recruit in the country for next year depending where you look. He was pretty much expected to go to Oklahoma State once they hired his brother as an assistant coach but there were rumors he was favoring Kentucky and a couple other blue blood schools involved.

But he drops this news literally less than 10 minutes before Duke vs Kansas tips off and opening day really gets under way. I think I love it? I mean control the night before the night controls you. Plus, I left the self-confidence. You don't get to be this damn good if you aren't cocky a bit. Oh it's opening night? Not anymore. Let's announce where we're going to school. 

How about this tweet from the coaching staff too? Some sneaky quickness from Boynton here. 

And your obligatory mixtape: