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A DC-Area Bar Will Refund 100 Percent Of Tabs For An Entire Year If The Nats Go Back-To-Back

This is BOLD. Actually, bold is an understatement. I don’t even know what to call this. It’s starring bankruptcy in the face and saying take your best shot. They are going to refund every single bar tab for an entire year if the Nats go back to back. That is lunacy. That’s millions of dollars on the line. But man o man is it smart. If they just make a side futures bet on the Nats at 14:1 they hedge. And then if the Nats don’t win the World Series, all this added publicity lines their pockets.

The thing that sucks is the bar’s best case scenario (Nats not winning the World Series) is everyone else’s worst case scenario. It stinks the bar now has to sweat against themselves, because bar business starts booming once the Nats make the playoffs, but they go broke if the Nats win the World Series. Again, hopefully Chris B is hedging so it breaks even. Or he signs up for another season of Bachelor in Paradise

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PS: Shout out to the OGs who went to the World Cup watch parties in 2014 at Bracket Room. The good ol’ days.