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Nick Foles Is The Starting Quarterback For Our Beloved Jacksonville Jaguars

This is a tough one. Im kinda torn but ultimately this is the right move for our Jaguars.

“Chaps! Chaps! Gardner was electric and he was a MEME GOD for the Jaguars during his time at starting quarterback! Why give that up for a guy who will probably just get hurt again?”

Fellas, relax. We arent giving up on anything. The last couple of weeks showed some weaknesses in Gardner’s game. Teams stopped really rushing the quarterback and went with a mush rush because Gardner showed difficulty executing within the timing of the offense. He was great when things broke down. He flourished in times of chaos but when we needed to execute a timing route, it was bad. He relied on chaos too much. That’s something that might get better with time. And there’s no doubt that we need more production in the red zone. It’s been bad for about 3 weeks.

This team still has a shot to make the playoffs and Doug Marrone and staff dont have the luxury of not starting the Super Bowl MVP on the roster. In my opinion, there’s no real downside here except that Foles gets hurt and ruins his offseason trade value.

Either way, buy a shirt. My children are starving.