In Honor Of the Start Of The College Hoops Season, The Gold Standard Of T-Shirts Are NOW On Sale

Plain and simple. The gold standard of college basketball programs and the gold standard of t-shirts are now available. Get them now. Who could forget this speech from Cal during Midnight Madness a few years ago? 

Before these guys lose their minds up here, this is family. Not just words, our former stars and our current players, the Big Blue Nation make up one family that will continue to be the gold standard of our sport. They understand this is the biggest stage in the game. And I don’t mean this stage, I mean that stage down there (points to the court).

This is where you make the impossible possible. We learned to chase our dreams together until they’re all achieved.

Since Cal took over no one has more wins, no one has more wins in the NCAA Tournament, no one has made more Final Fours. The season to win title No. 9 starts tonight so buy now.