'The Cat: A Football Life' is What the Internet Was Invented For

The Internet is a competitive place. But it’s not a zero sum game. If someone wins, it doesn’t mean you necessarily lose. It’s like stand up comedy in that, every so often another comic will come up with a line that makes you say “I wish I thought of that first,” but there’s nothing you can do about it. The proper, professional thing is respect that they beat you to it and make a commitment to yourself to work harder. To use it as motivation write better going forward.

Which brings us to “The Cat: A Football Life.” Yes, I wish I’d done it first. But as baseball managers like to say, the other guys are competing too and all you can do is tip your hat and go get ‘em tomorrow. Great idea. Good execution. A+ for the quick turnaround. The Monday Night Football Cat parody we all knew we needed.

Credit where it’s due as well to the nerds at Next Gen Stats and the league itself for crunching the numbers on the cat and its profound impact on the game.

If the Cowboys don’t follow this up by adopting that cat, making it their team mascot and releasing onto the field every game, then I don’t what the point of them even existing is. This how you go from being just a good, playoff-caliber team into an icon. If Jerry Jones doesn’t get on the stick with this, he should be forced to sell to someone who will.