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In Case Anybody Was Wondering, Connor McDavid Is Still Faster Than Literally Every Human On The Planet

C'mon, dude. Just like...for once in your life could you attempt to make it look at least a little difficult? You're going to blow your cover and everybody is eventually going to realize that you're an alien who was sent here to wreak havoc on a sheet of ice. 

In case you didn't see, that's Oliver Ekman-Larsson. Probably the most underrated defenseman in the game right now. And Connor McDavid just made him look like this was his first call up to the NHL. It's not some guy who has spent his entire career bouncing around between the AHL and ECHL. It's not some kid who just got drafted and is still getting his 9 games in before getting sent back to his junior team. He's the captain of a team in the National Hockey League and McDavid needed about 2 strides at max to blow right past him. 

Every McDavid highlight looks like it's being played at 1.5x speed. It's been 5 years of this now and still nobody can catch up. Total and pure jackassery coming from 97. Have a heart, man. Some of these guys have a career to uphold and they can't keep getting toasted by a hockey playing alien on a nightly basis. 

Sidenote: 'Yotes won in overtime.