I Absolutely Love This Men's Softball Team Playing Their Games As 90's WWF Wrestlers

This thread is making the rounds across all of our timelines right now, and for good reason! Apparently there’s a men’s softball team out there playing all of their games as WWF wrestlers from the 1990s. Well, actually, nobody specified that they play ALL of their games like this – and the odds are extremely unlikely that they do, this is probably just a Halloween game – but I wanna believe! It’s still real to me, dammit!

Oh, and I can’t talk about this without bringing up one of the greatest videos I’ve ever come across, though: the ACTUAL WWF 90s roster playing softball!

Mach sending this ball to the stratosphere always gets me goin…

People forget – Randy Savage (Poffo) was a switch hitter in the minors back in the early 70s.