Football Guy of the Week Nominees: CFB Week 10 and NFL Week 9

Last week, a viral video showing the impact a coach had on one of his youth football players ran away with the Football Guy of the Week award. Shout out to Coach Richard. Now, we shift our gears to a quartet of solid nominees. Let's get to it.

Bills HC Sean McDermott for being asked what he was for Halloween and responding “a football coach.”

There's no doubt about it, football coaches have no time for your candy or your costumes. The only thing on Coach McDermott's mind last week was taking care of business at home vs. Mr. Commenter's R-words. The Bills had no issues with that.

Liberty QB Buckshot Calvert for being named Buckshot Calvert and balling out.

As Mr. Commenter said on the show, if your name is Buckshot, you have no choice to be a football player. And when you're tossing FOUR touchdowns and more than 400 yards in the first half, you earned your spot on this list. Even if those numbers come against UMass.

Florida HC Dan Mullen for allowing his wife to kiss his players before each game.

The guys had fun with this one on the show, but as a Gator fan, I have no comment. It's nice to see that the players have a solid relationship with Mrs. Mullen, but I'll leave the X's and O's of this situation up to Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter.

Drew Brees for his awesome pregame speech to his alma mater, Purdue.

It's always great to see NFL players return to their respective schools during their bye weeks. It's even better to see them making an impact like Brees did here. The Boilermakers eventually went on to beat Nebraska in the final minutes.

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