This NBA Ref Has Waited His Entire Life To Break Out A Dance Routine To Call A Walk On James Harden

I almost missed the walk call here. This ref has waited his entire life to do that little jig and boy did he nail it. Actually, he waited his entire life to call a walk on James Harden. There's probably no one in the history of the game that more people have a take on whether or not he walks every time he pulls off a move (he doesn't). I don't blame him for pulling this move off either. It's a 33 point game, no one is paying attention. It's time for the ref show. Now this ref lives in the same wing as these other guys: 

Welcome to the show, ref. Just don't you dare think you can get away with a walk around him. He will dance right in your face as he calls a turnover. Here's the thing though. If you're a ref and dancing and gloating like this, the players should have every right to taunt and get in your face. You can't have it both ways. Harden gets one free freakout on this ref. Fair is fair.