How Are YOU Getting Ready For NFL Sunday? Week 9 is Here.

Welcome to the first NFL Sunday in November. Over the next few weeks, there will certainly be more and more “Loser Leaves Town” games than usual as the playoff picture heats up. As I am writing this, the Sunday slate has already kicked off in London with Texans-Jags, and that’s where Mr. Commenter’s head is at this morning:

These London games always seem to start off slow. Perhaps the clocks changing has a little bit to do with today’s low-scoring affair (so far).

Not a bad idea here from Steve. A few weeks ago, maybe we should have recommended the show “Hawaii Five-0″ to the Patriots and other undefeated teams at the time to keep them motivated.

The journey continues for Josh Gordon. Pretty remarkable. Hopefully he can continue to build some momentum personally and for the Seahawks as well.

According to the Westgate Superbook, the USA is 60/1 to win the World Cup in 2022. Looking at it glass half-full, it’s certainly better than 61/1.

10 cars?! Sheesh. Hopefully everyone is okay. The only pile ups that are fun to watch is a FB dive at the 1 yard line (or a FB assist, for that matter).