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Redskins At Bill - Haskins First Ever Start, What Could *Possibly* Go Wrong?! - Live Blog!

Washington Redskins v Buffalo Bills

Boy oh boy. Nothing like your first NFL start on the road in Buffalo in 30 degree weather and 100 MPH winds! What could *possibly* go wrong?!

Gotta root extra hard for Haskins today. He’s going to be scrutinized and second-guessed and he’s working without a ton of weapons, an offensive line, or a healthy organization. The culture is damn good though!

So, here goes nothing. I don’t need him to be Tom Brady today, just need him to get through the game without throwing 10 INTs. Baby steps, man.

And hey, who knows, maybe the Skins will fuck around and win outright. It’s not the craziest thought…I don’t know. My mind is mush thinking about this game. Go Skins. Fuck Dan Snyder.