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I Defy You Not To Cry At This Picture of A Police Dog Paying His Respects To His Fallen Partner



Yahoo - A police dog with a Kentucky drug task force squad was pictured placing a paw on his police partner’s coffin. One by one Thursday, members of the Bardstown, Ky., police department paused by slain officer Jason Ellis’ casket and saluted their friend and fellow officer. Then one last visitor approached the 33-year-old’s casket to pay his respects: Figo, Ellis’ K-9 partner. Figo and Ellis were “true partners,” Bardstown Police Chief Rick McCubbin told the Associated Press. Ellis was killed May 25 in what police called an ambush. He had stopped to remove debris in the roadway and was shot multiple times.


Another day and another absolutely heartbreaking yet heartwarming picture of a dog at funeral.   Friday it was the Plymouth police force saluting Kaiser as he walked to his final resting place.   Today it’s Figo paying his last respects.  I never know what to do with photos like these.   On the one hand I don’t want to depress people, but on the other hand I feel like you need to see it.   It makes you appreciate life, dogs and the relationship between man and man’s best friend.