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Breaking News: Medics Called To Dr. Creepy's Yacht Today





BOSTON (CBS)Police and medical personnel were called to the yacht owned by Red Sox owner John Henry Monday afternoon. Three ambulances were seen near the Boston Harbor Hotel, where Henry’s yacht Iroquois is docked. Medics leave the Iriquois Monday afternoon. Police Commissioner Ed Davis and Superintendent William Evans were also on the scene. It’s not clear if Henry was on the yacht at the time. There has been no comment from Boston Police.

I’ve been getting a lot of tweets and emails about this. Everybody thinks Dr. Creepy just flat out died. That’s laughable man. His trophy wife probably just showed him her tittie for the first time and he went and had a mild heart attack. I’d be stunned if that’s not what happened. Plus you can’t kill Dr. Creepy. I believe he’s what vampire people call an undead. I’m sure he’s died and been revived hundreds of times already. I mean look at his ass. Undead city.