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Jayson Tatum Is The Knicks Worst Nightmare

On one hand, I don't exactly love things coming down to the last possession against the Knicks at home. That's a problem that we'll talk more about tomorrow. At the moment Jayson Tatum just hit what was effectively the game winner to cap off his 24/6/3 performance. Another 4-8 from deep, just a reminder he was shooting 48.3% from three to start the year. In this position I would have been fine with a plethora of options. You want to run a set similar to what you used to run for Isaiah only now it's for Kemba Walker? Fine by me. You want to give it to the future of your franchise and let him carry you to victory? Even better. Tatum has already adopted that Paul Pierce mentality of absolutely destroying the Knicks, you may remember what he did in MSG last year

and how about what Scal said on the broadcast? This was the same exact play from the ORL game where Kyrie flipped his shit for not getting the last shot. This is why you go to Jayson Tatum, because the man is a natural born scorer and has been one of the best fourth quarter players for this team since he got here.

And hey 4 in a row is 4 in a row. The chemistry appears to be incredible, they are playing Celtics basketball, they don't hate each other and look and what's happening. The kids are flourishing right before our goddamn eyes.