Nobody On Earth Asks Better Questions Than The 1920s Reporter From Dallas

I fucking love this guy. I’m sure if I was from Dallas I might be sick of this shtick by now. But I’m not so I still very much love it. The first time I heard him was back in ’07. I had just got into smoking weed heavily so I wasn’t sure if my ears were working properly. And this was before social media was really popping off so it was impossible to find the clip immediately. But one of my friends who wasn’t at UMass with me texted me instantly asking me if I heard it which was all I needed to know I was sane.

I love this guy for two reasons. First and foremost it’s incredibly funny to talk in that old-timey radio voice. You could tell me I had terminal cancer in that voice and you’d get a hearty chuckle out of me. That voice has been Conan’s fallback for a quick laugh his entire career and it has a 100% success rate. But the other reason I enjoy this guy is it really shows just how inconsequential asking these guys serious questions about their respective opponents every single day is in the long run. Beat reporters have a brutal, thankless gig and 99% of the time they’re filing stories with robotic, cookie-cutter quotes about how good the other team is and how much guys respect their opposition. This guy asking Tom Brady about a defense doing the Charleston while he was breaking out the 22 is better than any “talk about what the defense was giving you” ass question that could have been asked there. And at the end of the day, LeBron answered this and gave a quote that made everyone’s job easier and day better. So thank you, 1920s Dallas radio guy. I appreciate you.