Charles Barkley Continues To Be The Most Entertaining Man On Television

This isn’t exactly breaking news, everyone with a pulse loves Inside The NBA and frankly it might be the best sports show on television of all time. Every single year it delivers and Chuck is obviously a huge part of the reason why. You have to love Chuck because nothing is an act, everything is authentic with him and that’s what makes it so funny. He’s a man that truly does not give a shit what people say and it’s wildly entertaining to watch. Whether he’s calling a brawl a snuggle fest or he’s talking about how Kawhi Leonard stole a whole country from DeMar DeRozan the man is a national treasure.

Which brings me to this running game they have where Chuck tries to guess what team players play for. It shouldn’t be this funny yet it always is. If there’s one thing Chuck knows about its NBA basketball and how he can never get any of these right makes no sense yet perfect sense all at the same time. They’ve been doing this bit for years and it still gets me every single time with how bad things turn out

I love how disgusted Ernie always gets during this bit too. Nothing but utter disappointment that someone who works in basketball and pays attention to the league could be so pathetic. I know there are a ton of reasons to be excited that basketball is now back in our lives, but having these guys on our TV basically every night is a true blessing.