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Pat Spencer, The Rim Rocker, Continues To Be The Most Dominant Player In College Basketball

It was just 5 short months ago that Pat "Rim Rocker" Spencer was winning the Tewaaraton Trophy as the best player in college lacrosse. On the lacrosse field, he could do it all. He came onto the scene as a freshman and lit it up, but as a senior? You could tell that he was just a man playing against a bunch of boys. He was bigger than everybody else out there. He was stronger than everybody else out there. He saw the field better than almost everybody else out there. And when he decided it was time to go to the net, nobody was going to stop him. 

He was a perfectly orchestrated wrecking ball. And with only one year of the crease dive being legal in his senior season, he made sure he racked up as many dunks as he possibly to wrap up his career. And now that he's traded in his cleats for some sneakers, he's still getting those dunks in for the Northwestern Wildcats. 

He's Cauliflower Zion. Yam after yam after yam. Consider this a warning to every gym in the nation right now. Pat Spencer is coming for your rims and he's coming soon. 

There are very few things that Pat Spencer hasn't accomplished in his collegiate athletics career so far. One of them is a National Championship. That changes this year because Patty Spence is going to put the 'Cats on his back, lead them to the tournament, and then we all know he's used to doing the majority of his damage in the month of March. I know that Reags is the college basketball guy around here but if he's saying that there's a single player in the country better than Patrick Spencer, he's a certified bozo.