What A Year For Alex Caruso: Goes Viral, Rihanna Checks Him Out, Now Everyone Is Talking About Nailing His Halloween Costume With His Smoke Girlfriend

Screen Shot 2019-10-31 at 9.05.31 PM

What a damn year for Alex Caruso, man. You may remember him as the balding, annoying yet good guy from Texas A&M. You may remember him as the balding but beloved guy in the G League with a cup of coffee in the NBA. Perhaps you remember him as the balding guy in the NBA that’s working out! Or perhaps you remember him for going viral.

If that doesn’t ring a bell, perhaps it’s because Rihanna was busted checking him out recently:

Caruso has turned into a massive fan favorite for Lakers fans. The dude could play at Texas A&M, even if he was in college for 8 years. He was one of those dudes who could do a bit of everything and just piss you off. He then made his way up through the G League and signed a 2-year deal this offseason.

But now? I saw everywhere last night and this morning people talking about his Dwight/Angela costume with his girlfriend. Also a ton of people talking about his girlfriend, which makes sense (see below). Gotta say they nailed the look and Caruso looks weird with hair.

It’s just the year of Alex Caruso, I guess.