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Dane Cook Refuses To Let His Set Be Streamed At The Onefund Concert Which Begs The Question...Is He Officially The Most Hated Person In the History of Boston?

danecook – Comic and actor Dane Cook is being criticized for a decision he made regarding his set during the Boston Strong concert at TD Garden. Cook did not allow his set to be streamed over any of the audio or video feeds from the concert which featured many of Boston’s biggest music acts and benefited victims of the Boston Marathon bombings through The One Fund. That tweet resulted in the kind of firestorm of negative reaction that only Twitter can deliver, and can be reviewed with a simple Twitter search of @DaneCook… but be prepared for a lot of profanity. The video stream of the show fell victim to major technical problems, with a large number of online viewers unable to access the feed, or hampered by interruptions and buffering delays.


I was already planning on writing this blog about Dane Cook and that’s before he blacked out his set at the Onefund concert last night. He was probably the real reason the entire thing wasn’t televised after all. Way to go bro. It’s a fucking charity event. Anyway twitter went absolutely ham on him last night after it happened. I’m talking pure 100% vitriol. The type of hatred you just don’t see everyday. The type of hatred usually reserved for the terrorists and Hitlers of the world. Leading the charge was my new favorite guy in Boston Jeff Howe from the Herald. Just tee’ing off on Dane Cook to the point I thought Jeff Howe was going to be trending. You can’t teach that type of hatred. I’m talking the white hot heat of a thousand suns type hate.

It got me thinking. Is there anybody from Boston that is more hated by Bostonians than Dane Cook is? Maybe Shank? I mean I understand that there is always that phenomenon that the bigger you get the more people hate you, but its’ next level stuff with Dane Cook. It runs deeper. I honest to god think he’s the most hated non terrorist in the Commonwealth. And that was before he pulled that circus stunt last night. Truthfully I don’t really understand why that is, but I’ll tell you this much. I hate him now too just because of how bad everybody else hates him. I’m always looking to hate motherfuckers and hating Dane Cook seems like the right thing to do. The American thing to do. So count me in. I’m always in for a good for a hatefest. Fuck Dane Cook.