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VIDEO - A Loser Rockets Fan Sucker Punches A Pelicans Assistant Coach Right In The Face While On The Bench

Yo what the fuck is this? I get that as a fan you get a bit riled up during a game and you hate opposing teams. But punching an assistant coach in the goddamn face like that? Yeah, banning for life seems about right here. Here’s the other weird thing here – note that sucker punching people is always the weirdest part – the Rockets won the game. It’s not like they lost and you’re caught up pissed off. This is a win.

I will say this. Credit to the Rockets crowd here. Don’t let this scumbag get away and run through the crowd to an escape. You help point him out. I’m all for talking shit, fans have that right to talk shit to players (and vice versa). The moment you sucker punch someone the Pelicans should have the right to line up whomever they want to do the same to you. Like Zion should be allowed 1 sucker punch whenever he’d like on this guy.

He does need to lock up his girlfriend for life though. She’s clearly ride or die refusing to let police get to him.

Manuel Garcia, 38, was arrested and charged with misdemeanor assault. He is suspected of punching Joe Boylan. Garcia’s girlfriend, Brittney Aplin, 33, was also arrested for allegedly preventing police from getting to Garcia.

The moral of the story though – don’t be a scumbag. If you want to fight someone, challenge them to a duel. If they say no then shake hands and talk shit behind their back.