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Tonight's Game 7 Starter Zack Greinke is a Common Man Who Will Not Stand For Chipotle's Expensive Guacamole

Tonight Zack Greinke will take the ball in the biggest moment of his life: Game 7 of the World Series. He'll be opposite a complete sociopath in Max Scherzer. It should make for incredible television watching these two go at it with literally everything on the line. I figured this would be a good time to bring up Greinke's incredible thoughts on Chipotle. Yes, that Chipotle. The one that gave me food poisoning on Monday that I'm still recovering from. 

Greinke, despite making $32 million a year, still has his principles. I don't like Zack Greinke particularly, but I for sure can respect a man who has his principles and doesn't change no matter what.  

Dude is in the middle of a contract that will pay him $206 million when it's over with. He pretty much makes a million dollars a start. Still, a 30 cent hike for guacamole was too much for him. He couldn't find it in him to let Chipotle win. I love that. That's common man mentality through and through.

His wife knowing that she'll never be number 1 over baseball is also fantastic.

“I just wanted to make this clear: I can’t live without baseball…It’s to the point where it caused problems with my girlfriend because she knows baseball is more important than her. I say, ‘Hey, I’m sorry. I love the game that much. You’re not even close to being No. 1 -- that’s how much I love baseball. I couldn’t live without it.” -AZ Snake Pit

Didn't think I'd ever appreciate Zack Greinke, but after writing this blog he's gained some points in my book. So how will he fair tonight? Well, I don't think he could have summed up the moment any better. 

He's ready.