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The Most Electrifying Man In College Hoops Finally Did The Unimaginable Last Night

Pantelis Xidias is the most electric college basketball player in the country. No, no, in the history of college hoops. I don’t care about Zion. I don’t care about Ja Morant. Spare me the talk of the 80s and 90s. It’s my guy right here, who has been dominating the bench mob scene for a couple of years now.

But there was one thing missing. Points. He simply, never scored yet. That all changed with one play last night (again, granted it’s exhibition it still counts).

You might as why is he so electrifying? Well, let’s run through some examples and mind you he’s wearing goddamn REC SPECS the entire time.

And you can’t tell me bench mobs don’t mean anything. Remember Monmouth? Half the reason they were good was Justin Robinson, the other half was the bench mob. 100%, no doubt about it. Same for DePaul. I need DePaul to get good quick. Imagine Pantelis in the NCAA Tournament. He’d steal the damn show.