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A Confused Trump And Melania Rest King-Sized Candy Bars On A Minion's Head And I Can't Stop Watching The Replay

As is White House tradition, local school kids & the children of military families lined up for Halloween candy at the White House last night. Everything went smoothly except for one small minion moment that for whatever reason, I cannot stop watching.

Here’s the faster version which is well on its way to 1M views:

The kid in the minion costume is clearly holding a candy bag in his/her hands but Trump & Melania are so thrown off that they gently rest the king sized bars on top of its head. Inevitably, the bars slide off and a tiny Spider Man comes to the rescue to help out.

I feel like this will live on in the minion family’s lore for decades to come & their future romantic partners will be shown the video countless times by an array of relatives who still laugh about it.

There must be something about blow-up puffer costumes that really throws off the First Couple because they were equally shook by this dino in 2017. Scary stuff!