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Rihanna May Have Been Screaming LeBron's Name, But It's Clear She Was At The Lakers Game For One Thing And One Thing Only

That one thing? Alex fucking Caruso. 

I know that look. That's the same look I have when I watch Rihanna. That's the look of someone who just saw someone they know drips in sex appeal and you just can't look away. Every movement they make, you're watching closely wondering what it would be like to bump uglies. That's how Rihanna is looking at this guy

Can you blame her? She may have been screaming LeBron

But that all went down the shitter the moment his hair started falling off right in front of her face. 

Or perhaps when Donovan Mitchell pulled his move off on him right in front of her: 

Maybe she saw Alex Caruso going viral earlier this year and decided enough was enough and she had to have him? 

So she may have been shouting LeBron's name. But don't get it twisted, Rihanna was there for one thing and one thing only. To make fuck me eyes at Alex Caruso, a balding man that went viral for a fake photo that will yam right in your face.