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Parents Are Mad Some Soccer Show Called Their Baby Ugly


(News)THE Footy Show has posted a statement on Facebook saying it has spoken to the family of the baby labelled “ugly” on national TV and no harm was intended. “Regarding recent articles in News Ltd papers, the Look-A-Likes photo was sent into The Footy Show by a friend of the family and was not taken off Facebook,” the statement read. “We chose not to make a statement to News Ltd yesterday but we did not refuse to apologise to the family and we did speak to the family on Friday and will do so again today to reassure them we never intended to cause hurt to them or their child and of course apologise if it did.” Michael and Melanie Richmond, from Avalon on Sydney’s northern beaches, said they were “still in shock and dumbfounded” after a Facebook image of their firstborn daughter Bella was broadcast on Thursday’s episode of The Footy Show without permission. One of the rugby league show’s panellists labelled the photograph of 18-month-old Bella “ugly” before commenting she looked like league great and Channel 9 commentator Peter Sterling.


I’m not one to make fun of little kids often, but c’mon. Let’s state facts here: that baby is ugly. That’s it. It’s an ugly baby. You posted a picture on the internet of your ugly baby and someone called a spade a spade. Thems the breaks. Moms today are so proud of their kids. Think everything the baby does deserves a Facebook post. Whether it be shitting in a toilet for the first time or graduating from second grade, they think everything deserves recognition. Well guess what, we don’t all love your kid as much as you do. In fact, most of the people on Facebook hate your kid. Sure maybe your close friends will like the post or leave a nice comment, but most of us are thinking “just shut the fuck up already. Please. That child is gross.” These soccer guys just said what everybody is thinking. Bella looks like Lyndon B Johnson on a good day.