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Crazy Dude Is Pissed He Only Got 27 Votes In Dallas Election So He Leaves Threatening Voicemail To Local Reporter Blaming Him For Not Outing The Gays Or Something


Frontburner - Richard P. Sheridan, the nutjob who finished fourth in Saturday’s election for the District 13 seat on the Dallas City Council, is mad at me. To hear him tell it, it’s because I didn’t do enough to inform the voters that Leland Burk, who finished second to Jennifer Staubach Gates, is gay. Or maybe Sheridan is just mad in general because he received only 28 votes (0.27 percent). Heck, a teenager did better than him this time around; 18-year-old Jacob King garnered 77 votes, and Sheridan vowed to stop running for office if King’s total exceeded his.

Geez they let anybody on the ballot in Dallas huh?  Maybe I should run for Mayor there.   Anyway do I need to do this if I lose my bid to become Boston’s next Mayor? Just leaving hate bombs on all my enemies voicemails? Jason Wolfe, The Globe, Feminists etc. Go through my whole Rolodex of hate. I think I do right? I probably won’t play the sodomite card, but I’ll definitely steal the “I don’t think you have 1 testicle Sir” as well as the “Motherfucker Cunt Coward” line.  I also like the old threaten to kill somebody but not in bodily harm way so you can’t call the cops on me move. Well played.