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RIPIP Big Baller Brand - The Website Is Now Directed To The Personal Site Of A Guy The Balls Are Suing For Allegedly Embezzling $1.5 Million From Lonzo

And just like that, we see the ending to the greatest 15 minute run any company ever had. LaVar Ball looked like a genius putting out shoes for $500. The Internet was BUZZING when it happened. Is BBB for real? Is this breaking ground for a new way to come up with your own company? 

But now? 

Your website can NOT go directly to the human you're suing because he's allegedly stealing $1.5 million from Lonzo. That's the end of your company. I'm now debating even getting off of team Lonzo. Yeah, Lonzo is away from BBB and I'm very much on board with him living up to the hype he had during his time at UCLA, but now this? This is good for knocking you down. Remember, this bizarre dude? 

Now this can change. But it involves this gif coming to life 

We had a good run with Big Baller Brand. It gave us gifs. It gave us a tv show. It gave us jokes and content for years. It gave us shoes which Lonzo fucking hated. We'll never see something like it again.