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Model/Olympian Fencer Raises Enough Money To Go For Gold In Tokyo

This upcoming summer, we will all turn on the Olympics at some point and think nothing of it. Whether it be basketball, swimming, or gymnastics, we'll look on in awe of the accomplishments our favorite athletes are achieving. What we often forget is what it takes to get to that level of competition. The blood, sweat, tears, 

That was the issue for fencer Monica Aksamit, who won a bronze medal in the 2016 Olympics. Unfortunately, it was looking like she wasn't going to have enough money to make it to Tokyo. That all changed when she started a GoFundMe Page:

As you can see, Monica has reached her goal of $21,000 by over $7,000. 

SOURCE-“I still haven’t been able to process it,” Aksamit told The Post. “It’s so hard to put into words. Absolutely, there is gratitude. It was overwhelming. Someone actually donated $5,000.”

Aksamit said she was embarrassed to ask for help but felt she had no choice after her checking account dipped to a mere $150 in September. She told The Post about cobbling together a living with a series of odd jobs and how her competitive training schedule has made it impossible to hold down more steady employment.

Tough out there for a model/fencer!!!!!

I am making a bold prediction that Monica will be a breakout star come summer 2020.