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Town Unveils Bronze Statue In Honor Of A Christmas Story Frozen Flagpole Scene

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NBCAn Indiana town unveiled a statue Tuesday to commemorate the widely-adored Christmas film, A Christmas Story. Tourism officials in Hammond, Ind. created the bronze statue to illustrate the famous “triple dog dare” scene from the film. During that scene, one of the main characters, Flick, agrees to lick a flagpole and gets his tongue stuck as a result. Scott Schwartz, the actor who played the role of Flick, attended Tuesday’s unveiling. The statue’s location is far from a coincidence. A Christmas Story writer Jean Shepherd wrote a compilation of short stories called In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash about his time growing up in Hammond. These stories eventually turned into the Christmas movie everyone knows and loves, with Shepherd playing an integral role in its creation. The movie’s fictional town of Hohman, Ind. is entirely based on Hammond. The statue was developed by Indiana’s South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority in agreement with Warner Bros. Consumer Products. The group is also gearing up for its annual “A Christmas Story Comes Home” exhibit, which is scheduled to open at the Indiana Welcome Center on Nov. 9.

Everyone knows my feelings on A Christmas Story. I think its the most overrated Christmas movie of all time. Its depressing as fuck. I’m sure it painted a great picture of what life was like in the 1940s. You know what though? Life fucking sucked in the 1940s. I watch it every year during the holidays because its on and thats what you’re supposed to do, but I’m not happy about it.

All that being said, this is awesome. The Triple Dog Dare scene is one of the best scenes in movie history. Every kid has been curious about sticking their tongue to a frozen pole after this scene. Every kid has Triple Dog Dared someone to do something stupid. It was as educational as it was entertaining. I wouldn’t be surprised if Flick was one of the last kids to ever stick his tongue to a pole. Thats how influential that scene was. Its only right its immortalized forever. Right up there with the Rocky Balboa in Philly for best movie statue of all time.

PS – Those are probably the only 2 movies statues of all time right? Detroit never went through with that Robo Cop idea did they?