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I Couldn't Hate A Group Of People More Than I Hate The Robin Hood of Keene Gang Who Refils People's Expired Parking Meters


Keene – Garret Ean is one of six people named in a lawsuit filed by Keene. Ean and his group of friends call themselves Robin Hood of Keene. They walk the city streets with rolls of dimes and fill parking meters that are about to expire. “We found that people really appreciate it when you save them from a ticket when you fill their meters,” Ean said. But in its lawsuit, the city accused the group of harassing officers and interfering with their work. Ean’s group records its time on the streets and posts the videos online. In the videos, two or three people can often be seen following the enforcement officers and recording as they look for expired meters.The city said one enforcement officer suffered stress and anxiety from the group’s actions and even experienced heart palpitations.

After reading this story I may have to drive to Keene NH just so I can not pay my parking meter and wait for these clowns to show up and then slap the quarters away Dikembi Mutumbo style….No, No, No. Like I would rather get a 6 trazillion dollar parking ticket than let these lowlife hippies help me out. Go get a real job hippy.  And Occupy Wallstreet doesn’t count.

PS – How about this Paster guy and his Iphone and Harley jacket? Who the fuck is this guy?  He may be the biggest lunatic of them all.  At first I couldn’t decide whether I liked him or not. Now I think I need him in my cabinet for Mayor. He’d whip Weird Hair Cut Seth into shape in no time.