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Dogs Doing It Big Per Usual....Service Dog Walking With It's Owner At Illinois Graduation In Cap And Gown


Reddit - A young woman and her service dog caused quite a stir over the weekend when they both showed up to her college graduation ceremony dressed in matching caps and gowns. On Sunday, this photograph — which shows the graduate at the side of the stage in a wheelchair accompanied by her pooch — went viral after it was posted online by Redditor tcjones54: “The girl and the dog received the loudest applause hands down. Very adorable,” tcjones54 wrote. According to posts on Reddit, the photo was taken at the Saturday convocation ceremony of the College of Applied Health Sciences at the University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign. Then, a day after the original post went viral, the woman in the photograph uploaded another picture to Reddit. “This is my service dog, Hero, after we graduated with our Master’s degrees at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,” she wrote in a caption accompanying this Imgur photo. “Hero knows over forty commands to assist me,” she added on Reddit on Monday, adding that the dog had been quite the “celebrity” at the graduation ceremony. “He loves to retrieve objects for my like envelopes, pens, my crutches, etc. He also turns off the lights, opens doors, and he pulls me in my wheelchair up ramps! I couldn’t have gone to college without him.”


Dogs just doing it big per usual. Just strutting that ass at graduation like it ain’t no thing. Rocking the cap and gown and taking pictures and kissing babies. I’m trying to imagine what a cat would do in this situation? Probably play along for the four years acting like it was trying to help this girl. And then when it was graduation time the cat would roll the wheelchair right off the side of the stage, grab the diploma, steal her identity and make a fortune on Wallstreet with her finance degree while this poor girl rotted by the side of the stage.