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Stephen Jackson Says A Mass Text Has Been Sent Around The NBA Saying 'Don't Fuck With Carmelo'

I'll be honest. I'm going to believe anything Stephen Jackson AND Matt Barnes say because if I'm terrified of them. They are both on the starting five of basketball guys in my lifetime I'd prefer not to fight. They would whoop my ass with one blink of the eye. 

So guess what? There's a mass text being passed around the NBA saying don't fuck with Carmelo. Same one that happened with Allen Iverson and same one that happened with Stephen Jackson. 

This is starting to become one of my favorite storylines just because it’s always something new. There was the story where Nick Young said Instagram is the reason Melo isn't around. There is the story of him being blackballed. Now this. I will say, I do think Carmelo could still play in the NBA. Don't think it's a hot take to say that at all. It's a combination of teams willing to work with him and him accepting a new role. 

I like Melo. He's 100% a Hall of Famer (I'll take any bet you want on that). I thought he had some unfair criticism to his time with the Knicks, especially when they could have just waited to the offseason to sign him. Not to mention they missed out on free agents and screwed up how they constructed the team.

I need to know 1) who is sending this text message and 2) who is receiving it? Feel like his buddies should step in here.