Only A True Hockey Guy Would Be Actively Trying To Give Away Credit For A Goal

This goal was scored 6 minutes and 56 seconds into the 2nd period of last night’s Philadelphia Flyers vs Vegas Golden Knights game. Ivan Provorov curls around the top of the circle, the puck is on its edge, as he shoots it the puck ends up deflecting off the stick of Cody Eakin and then somehow it ends up in the back of the net. There was plenty of traffic in front of the net with Michael Raffl there setting a screen for the Flyers and he was also getting tied up by Jon Merrill, but it’s pretty tough to see exactly how the puck ended up in the net. But on the ice and as of right now, the goal is still credited to Michael Raffl.

Again, it’s pretty tough to see exactly what happened here so who could possibly disagree with the call on the ice? It all counts the same for the Flyers on the scoreboard so no issue, right? Wrong. Because Michael Raffl very much disagrees, and because he is a Hockey Guy through and through, he wants it to be known that he disagrees.

Big Team Guy right there.

You see, Michael Raffl is ferda boys. He’s always been ferda boys and he’ll always be ferda boys. So if one of his boys scores a goal but he ends up getting credit for it even though he doesn’t think he touched the puck? Well he’s going to make sure that the credit for that goal goes to his boy. And that’s just what Hockey Guys do. They don’t care about their own stats nearly as much as they care about the fellas. I bet if he could, Michael Raffl would give the credit away for all of his points. The only points he cares about are the 2 that the squad gets after a win. The name on the front of the jersey means a helluva lot more than the one on the back.

I mean do you think that LeBron James would ever be this selfless? Do you think that he would ever be this For The Boys? Not in a million years. LeBron James would probably do anything he possibly could to steal points from his teammates, because he’s not a Team Guy like that. He probably doesn’t even view them as his teammates. He probably just thinks of them as the guys who also play on HIS team. Disgusting.

But not Michael Raffl. He’s a Ferda legend.