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The New Terminator Ad Featuring Kawhi Leonard And Paul George Is Absolute Perfection

I almost can't believe what I just watched. Kawhi Leonard acting and showing....personality? I know he's been in some HEB commercials when he was a Spur but this is a whole new level. I feel like most of us were already excited to see Kawhi/PG in LA for basketball reasons but that excitement is reaching new levels if we're going to be blessed with content like this. An Arnold/Kawhi partnership isn't something I knew I needed but boy am I happy it happened. Maybe Kawhi really is a Fun Guy after all, who would have thought.

Even if this was a little cringey, that's what makes it so awesome in my opinion. Obviously anything with Arnold plays, that accent is HOF caliber. I just can't get over the Kawhi performance, I didn't know he had this type of emotion and ability in him. Ending NBA dynasties sure, but acting, smiling, making jokes and showing emotion? No chance. LA Kawhi is a different beast I guess. Now I haven't seen a Terminator since the originals back in the day but I'll certainly watch this one once it make it's way to HBO or something. That commercial was enough to sell me so good on Arnold. 

All I know is, if stuff like this is going to be hitting the internet with these two in LA we've hit the lottery. Add to the fact that they're going to be really good on the floor and are NBA title favorites, and I'd say the Kawhi/PG Era is off to a great start. 


It also has to eat at LeBron that he could never make a Space Jam commercial this awesome right? Clippers already with the early lead you just hate to see it