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Isles Trade Matt Moulson, 1st and 2nd Round Pick To Buffalo For Thomas Vanek

Matt Moulson


Look everyone knows I’m not the hockey expert. Not by a long shot. But all I know is Matt Moulson was a consistent 30 goal scorer and an important piece of the young core of this team. Contract negotiations have been contentious and it was clear Garth never thought he was going to be a long term piece of this team. I don’t have any clue why, but the writing was on the wall the minute he didn’t get an extension prior to this season starting.

Even more puzzling is shipping Moulson and 2 picks off for a guy who is the same age, produces similar numbers, and is also a free agent after this season. Doesn’t solve their issues in goal, and only breaks up the chemistry he had developed with the rest of this team. Vanek is obviously a great player, but Moulson, a first, a second, in exchange for an impending free agent doesn’t make any sense at all to me. They’ve absolutely have to sign him to a long term deal now, and in that case, why wouldn’t they just go after him on the open market in the offseason?