Lane Kiffin Getting Fined $5k For A Tweet Is An Assault On Free Speech

The tweet from Lane Kiffin above caused quite the stir on the college football interwebs.

The tweet came just 24 hours after FAU blew a two-score lead to Marshall that resulted in a tough in-conference loss for the Owls. I watched the game, I didn’t see any egregious non-calls by the refs, however, I will say I wasn’t watching closely (MLB, Cuse-Pitt, UFC were all on at the same time). For that reason, I can’t back up or dispute Lane Kiffin’s tweet, but I will defend him from the fine he received from his conference overlords.

Disgusting. Did somebody say George Orwell’s 1984? Our founding fathers would be ashamed of CUSA!! Ashamed!

I could go on for thousands of words about what is wrong with this decision from CUSA, but I’m just going to post Lane Kiffin’s comment instead:

Freedom of speech is dead, folks. It’s DEAD. This is just another example of it. Unfortunate to see my guy Lane Kiffin being a victim of the assault on free speech. He just wants to coach football!