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Perhaps The Greatest Mike Francesa Interview Of All Time

The Yankees pay me a fortune and I go after them…thats integrity!

“Take a deep breath”

Its not about awards

Can I finish mike!

There’s an audience listening, you gotta explain stuff to them

By now if you don’t tune into Francesa every day I don’t know what else to tell you. Doesn’t matter if you’re an NY guy or not. I’ve blogged enough hilarious material over the year and specifically this past month for you to realize he’s the most unintentionally entertaining radio host in the history of broadcast.

If you do follow Mike, you know that his battle with the Daily News has been boiling and coming to a head the past few months as the Daily News has attempted to crucify Arod. He’s already eviscerated Bill Madden for it and today was Michael O’Keefe’s turn to take his beating. Mike basically just screamed in his face and belittled him for like an hour. He would yell at him to reveal his sources and then refuse to divulge his own. He demanded to know who else has ever been treated like Arod and when the guy began to answer other players, he screamed at him for bringing up other players. He tells him that its not about winning awards while basically bragging about winning awards in the same breath. It was simultaneously the biggest shitshow interview and the best interview ever.

Only Francesa would pull that off. Why? Because he’s…Numbah One.