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Wake Up With A Single Doink From Cody Parkey

We got plenty of time today and throughout the week for everyone to remind me just how much the Bears suck. That the season is over, Mitch is a bust and Coach Nagy isn't the genius we thought. Trust Me. I know we got time to beat the ever god loving shit out of me and my colleagues because our team sucks. We just got emasculated and embarrassed and shoved in a locker 27 thousand fucking times by Teddy Bridgewater's Saints at home. 

But you know what? 

At least we don't have to watch that asshole sail footballs off the goalpost the rest of the season. At least we're spared from having to endure that. 

Worst quarterback play in the league? I can handle that.

The line I draw is firmly on special teams and safe to say the Bears are killing it in that phase. 

Next order of business: scoring points. 

Not looking good fellas. 

Bears Postgame Podcast will be out shortly. Try to keep your sanity until then.